SSPD 2014 Conference Committee

Organising Committee

General Chairs

Publicity and Local Arrangements Chair

Technical Programme Committee

Dr. Daniel Clark - Heriot-Watt University
Professor Andrew Wallace - Heriot-Watt University
Dr. Mathini Sellathurai - Heriot-Watt University
Professor David Parish - Loughborough University
Professor Sangarapillai Lambothoran- Loughborough University
Professor Ian Proudler - Loughborough University
Professor Wen-Hua Chen - Loughborough University
Dr. Yu Gong - Loughborough University 
Dr. Wenwu Wang - University of Surrey
Professor Josef Kittler - University of Surrey
Dr. Philip Jackson - University of Surrey
Dr. Stephan Weiss - University of Strathclyde
Professor John McWhirter - Cardiff University
Dr. Yulia Hicks - Cardiff University
Professor Raphael Phan - MMU Malaysia 
Professor Jean-Yves Tourneret - University of Toulouse
Professor Stephen McLaughlin - Heriot-Watt University
Professor Ayre Nehorai - Washington University, St. Louis
Professor Danilo Mandic - Imperial College London
Professor Maria S. Greco - University of Pisa
Professor Alfred Hero - University of Michigan, USA
Dr James Nelson - University College London
Dr Keith Brown - Heriot-Watt University
Dr Rodrigo C. de Lamare - University of York
Professor Simon Godsill - University of Cambridge
Professor Xia Hong - University of Reading
Professor Kin Leung - Imperial College London
Professor Athanassios Manikas - Imperial College London
Professor Marco Duarte - University of Massachusetts Amherst
Dr. Mohsen Naqvi - Loughborough University
Dr. Carmine Clemente - University of Strathclyde
Professor William Moran - University of Melbourne
David Nethercott - Dstl
Neil Cade - Selex ES
John Anderson - BAE Systems
Andy Stove - Thales UK