SSPD 2014 Posters

P01 Fusion of Thermal and Visible Images for Day/Night Moving Objects Detection
Tarek Mouats1, Nabil Aouf1, 1Cranfield University.

Miao Yu1, Wen-Hua Chen1, Jonathon A Chambers1, 1Loughborough University.

P03Topographic Visual Analytics of Multibeam Dynamic SONAR Data
Iain Rice1, David Lowe1, 1Aston University.

P04 Parallel Processing of the Fast Decimation-in image Back projection Algorithm for SAR
Shaun Kelly1, Mike Davies1, John Thompson1, 1University of Edinburgh.

P05 Room Boundary Estimation from Acoustic Room Impulse Responses
Luca Remaggi1, Philip JB Jackson1, Philip Coleman1, Wenwu Wang1, 1University of Surrey.


P06 Learning Entropy for Novelty Detection: A Cognitive Approach for Adaptive Filters
Ivo Bukovsky1, Peter Benes1, Cyril Oswald1, Matous Cejnek1, 1Czech Technical University, Prague.

P07 Cyclic-by-Row Approximation of Iterative Polynomial EVD Algorithms
Jamie Corr1, Keith Thompson1, Stephan Weiss1, John G McWhirter2, Ian Proudler3, 1University of Strathclyde, 2Cardiff University, 3Loughborough University.

P08 Cooperative Positioning Using Angle of Arrival and Time of Arrival
Muhammad Waqas Khan1,, 1Naveed Salman, Andrew H. Kemp11University of Leeds.

P09 Large MIMO Sonar Systems: A Tool for Underwater Surveillance
Yan Pailhas1, Yvan Petillot1, 1Heriot-Watt University.