SSPD 2023 Conference Programme

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Presentations and Posters

Keynote Speaker: Instabilities in Navigation - Balancing on the Head of a Pin, Jason Ralph, University of Liverpool.

Adaptive Kernel Kalman Filter for Magnetic Anomaly Detection-based Metallic Target Tracking, Mengwei Sun1, Ian Proudler2, Mike E Davies1, James R Hopgood1, 1University of Edinburgh, 2University of Strathclyde.

Implementation of Adaptive Kernel Kalman Filter in Stone Soup, James Wright1, James R Hopgood2, Mike E Davies2, Ian Proudler3, Mengwei Sun2, 1Dstl, 2University of Edinburgh, 3University of Strathclyde.

Invited Speaker: Adiabatic computing for low power image sensing, 1Alexandrou Serb, 1University of Edinburgh.

A Novel Adaptive Architecture: Joint Multi-targets Detection and Clutter Classification, Linjie Yan1, Carmine Clemente2, Sudan Han3, Chengpeng Hao1, Danilo Orlando4, Giuseppe Ricci5, 1Institute of Acoustics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2University of Strathclyde, 3National Innovation Institute of Defense Technology, 4Universita' degli Studi Niccolo' Cusano, 5University of Salento.

Consensus-based Distributed Variational Multi-object Tracker in Multi-Sensor Network, Qing Li1, Runze Gan1, Simon Godsill1, 1University of Cambridge.

Joint Sensor Scheduling and Target Tracking with Efficient Bayesian Optimisation, Xingchi Liu1, Chenyi Lyu1, Seyed Ahmad Soleymani2, Wenwu Wang2, Lyudmila Mihaylova1, 1University of Sheffield, 2University of Surrey.

Invited Speakers: Machine Learning for Defence Signal Processing and Communications, Kin Leung and Thanos Gkelias, Imperial College London.

Simulation of Anisoplanatic Turbulence for Images and Videos, David Vint1, Gaetano Di Caterina1, Robert Lamb2, David Humphreys2, Paul Kirkland1, 1University of Strathclyde, 2Leonardo.

Investigation of an end-to-end neural architecture for image-based source term estimation, Abdullah Abdulaziz1, Mike E Davies2, Yoann Altmann1, Steve McLaughlin1, 1Heriot-Watt University, 2University of Edinburgh.

Random Sampling for Robust Detection of Data modulated LFM Waveforms, Kaiyu Zhang1, Fraser K Coutts1, John Thompson1, 1University of Edinburgh.

Generalised Polynomial Power Method, Faizan Khattak1, Ian Proudler1, Stephan Weiss1, 1University of Strathclyde.

Joint Optimization of Sonar Waveform Selection and Sonobuoy Placement, Christopher M Taylor1, Jason F. Ralph1, Simon Maskell1, Alexey Narykov1, 1University of Liverpool.

Development of the Line Scatterer Model for Bistatic Wind Turbine Clutter, Juhani Nissilä1, Pasi Pertilä1, Minna Väilä1, Juha Jylhä1, 1Patria Aviation Oy.

DB-Drift: Concept drift aware density-based anomaly detection for maritime trajectories -y, Amelia Henriksen1, 1Sandia National Laboratories.