SSPD 2020 Programme and Presentations

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Tuesday 15th September 2020

Session 1 - Tracking, Detection and Localisation - Chair Mike Davies, University of Edinburgh

Invited Speaker: Soup in the Souk: A 'Bazaar' Approach to Defence Signal Processing, Paul Thomas, Dstl

Subspace Perturbation Bounds with an Application to Angle of Arrival Estimation using the MUSIC Algorithm, Connor Delaosa1, Jennifer Pestana1, Stephan Weiss1, Ian K. Proudler1,1University of Strathclyde

A Gaussian Process based Method for Multiple Model Tracking, Mengwei Sun1, Mike E. Davies1, Ian Proudler2, James R. Hopgood1, 1University of Edinburgh, 2University of Strathclyde

Narrowband Angle of Arrival Estimation Exploiting Graph Topology and Graph Signals, Ian K. Proudler1, Vladimir Stankovic1, and Stephan Weiss1, 1University of Strathclyde

Session 2 – Radar and Defence Panel - Chair - Stephen Ablett, Dstl

A Sparse Linear Array MIMO Radar Approach Using Matrix Completion, Athina Petropulu, Rutgers University

Information-Theoretic Compressive Measurement Design for Micro-Doppler Signatures, Fraser K. Coutts1, John Thompson1, Bernard Mulgrew1, 1University of Edinburgh

Identification of Radar Emitter Type with Recurrent Neural Networks, Sabine Apfeld1, Alexander Charlish1, Gerd Ascheidy1, 1Fraunhofer FKIE

Session 3 Imaging - Chair - Stephen McLaughlin, Heriot-Watt University

Academic Keynote Speaker,

One Click At A Time: Photon- And Electron-Level Modeling For Improved Imaging, Vivek Goyal, University of Boston

Fast Surface Detection Using Single-Photon Detection Events, Abderrahim Halimi1, Andrew Wallace1, Gerald S. Buller1, Stephen McLaughlin1, 1Heriot-Watt University
Robust depth imaging in adverse scenarios using single-photon Lidar and beta-divergences, Quentin Legros1, Stephen McLaughlin1, Yoann Altmann1, Sylvain Meignen2, Mike E. Davies3, 1Heriot-Watt University, 2University Grenoble Alpes, 3University of Edinburgh

Session 4 Machine Learning - Chair - Neil Robertson, Queen's University Belfast

Introduction and Welcome to day 2 - Neil Robertson

Invited Speaker: Search & Learn: From User Guided Search to Federated Zero-Shot Learning, Sean Gong, Queen Mary University of London

Optimising Network Architectures for Provable Adversarial Robustness, Henry Gouk1, Timothy M. Hospedales11University of Edinburgh

Tail of Distribution GAN (TailGAN): Generative-Adversarial-Network-Based Boundary Formation, Nikolaos Dionelis1, Mehrdad Yaghoobi1, Sotirios A. Tsaftaris11University of Edinburgh

Electrical device classification using deep learning, Richard O Lane1, Steven P Lindsay11QinetiQ

Session 5 – Mix of Signal Processing - Chair - James Hopgood, University of Edinburgh

Spotlight presentations

· Multimodal Learning for Early Detection of Explosive Sounds using Relative Spectral Distribution, Vishwajeet Shukla1, Mayank Singour11Samsung Research Institute

· Detection and Identification of Radar Waveforms in Electronic Warfare context, Antoine Foucault1, Cedric Cornu1Ali Khenchaf2, Fabrice Comblet21Thales Defense Mission Systems, 2Lab STICC, ENSTA Bretagne, CNRS.

· Robust Source Number Estimation Based on Denoising Preprocessing, Koichi Ichige1, Shohei Hamada11Yokohama National University, Katsuhisa Kashiwagi2, Nobuya Arakawa2, Ryo Saito2,2Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

· Learning Entropy of Adaptive Filters via Clustering Techniques, Ivo Bukovsky1, Gejza Dohnal1, Pavel Steinbauer1, Ondrej Budik1, Kei Ichiji2, Homma Noriyasu2,1Czech Technical University in Prague, 2Tohoku University.

· Classifying LPI signals with transfer learning on CNN architectures, Bunlong Lay1, Alexander Charlish11Fraunhofer FKIE.

Approximate LASSO Model Predictive Control for Resource Constrained Systems, Yun Wu1, Joao F. C. Mota1, Andrew M. Wallace11Heriot-Watt University

Extraction of Analytic Eigenvectors From a Parahermitian Matrix, Stephan Weiss1, Ian K. Proudler1, Fraser K. Coutts2, and Julian Deeks31University of Strathclyde, 2University of Edinburgh, 3Dstl

Session 6 Underwater Signal Processing - Chair Gary Heald, Dstl

Introduction and Welcome to Session 6 – Gary Heald

Defence Keynote Speaker, Sensing and Automation in the Future Maritime Environment, Daniel D. Sternlicht, U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center, Panama City Division

Invited Speaker, A Whistle Stop Tour of Processing for Delphinid Vocalisations, Paul White, University of Southampton