SSPD 2017 Presentations

Plenary Keynote and Invited Speaker Presentations:

Plenary Keynote: Dual Function Systems: Radar as Signal of Opportunity for Wireless Communications

Moeness Amin, Villanova University.

Plenary Keynote: Information Generator: Keeping the Lights on

Paul Kealey, Ministry of Defence

Invited Speaker:  Passive Radar – from Inception to Maturity

Hugh Griffiths, University College London.

Invited Speaker: Distributed Sensor Networks - Current Projects and Research Perspectives

Wolfgang Koch, Fraunhofer FKIE.


Paper Presentations


1.1         Novel Approach for Ballistic Targets Classification from HRRP frame

Adriano Rosario Persico1, Christos V. Ilioudis1, Carmine Clemente1, John J Soraghan1, 1University of Strathclyde.


1.2         A Cognitive Stepped Frequency Strategy for HRRP Estimation

Luca Pallotta1, Vincenzo Carotenuto2, Augusto Aubry2, Antonio De Maio2,  Salvatore Iommelli3, 1CNIT c/o udr University of “Naples Federico II”, 2University of Naples “Federico II”, 3Ente di Formazione Professionale Maxwell.


1.3         Optimality Criteria for Adaptive Waveform Design in MIMO Radar Systems

Steven Herbert1, James R Hopgood1, Bernard Mulgrew1, 1University of Edinburgh.


1.4         Time-Frequency Analysis of Millimeter-Wave Radar Micro-Doppler Data from Small UAVs

Samiur Rahman1, Duncan Robertson1, 1University of St Andrews.


4.1         Maximum Discrimination Approach for Classification of Nearly Identical Signatures

Darren Emge1, Steven Kay2, US Army, 1Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, 2University of Rhode Island.


4.2         Correlation Based Classification of Complex PRI Modulation Types

Fotios Katsilieris1, Sabine Apfeld2, Alexander Charlish2, 1Airbus Defence and Space, 2Fraunhofer FKIE.


5.1         Co-prime Arrays with Reduced Sensors (CARS) for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation

Mingyang Chen1, Lu Gan2, Wenwu Wang1, 1University of Surrey, 2Brunel University.


5.2         Identification of Broadband Source-Array Responses from Sensor Second Order Statistics

Stephan Weiss1, Nick Goddard2, Samuel D. Somasundaram3, Ian Proudler4, Patrick A Naylor5, 1University of Strathclyde, 2Dstl, 3Thales UK, 4Loughborough University, 5Imperial College London.


6.1         Location Based Distributed Spectral Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks

Gowtham Muniraju1, Sai Zhang1, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu1, Mahesh Banavar2, Andreas Spanias1, Cesar Vargas-Rosales3, Rafaela Villalpando3, 1Arizona State University, 2Clarkson University, 3Tecnologico de Monterrey.


6.2         Node Sampling by Partitioning on Graphs via Convex Optimization

Cristian Rusu1, John Thompson1, 1University of Edinburgh.


6.3         Spectrum Alerting System Based on Software Defined Radio and Raspberry Pi

David C Ball1, Nitin Naik1, Paul Jenkins1, 1Ministry of Defence.


6.4         Non-Cooperative Target Localisation Using Rank Based EDM Approach

Hebatallah Shoukry1, Mathini Sellathurai1, Pat Chambers1, John Thompson2, Satyanarayana Vuppala3, 1Heriot-Watt University, 2University of Edinburgh, 3University of Luxemburg.