SSPD 2016 presentations

Keynote Presentations

Plenary Keynote: Sparse Sensing for Statistical Inference

Geert Leus, Delft University of Technology

Plenary Keynote: Taming the Torrent: Future Military Signal Processing and Information Fusion

Philip Perconti, US Army Research Laboratory

Invited Speakers

1.0        Multi-sensor multi-target tracking techniques for Space Situational Awareness

Daniel Clark, Heriot-Watt University

4.0        Transmit Adaptivity in Radar

Antonio De Maio, University of Naples Federico II

Paper Presentations

1.1          An Adaptive Receiver Search Strategy for Electronic Support

Sabine Apfeld1, Alexander Charlish1, Wolfgang Koch2, 1Fraunhofer, 2Fraunhofer/University of Bonn

1.2          New environmental dependent modeling with Gaussian particle filtering based implementation for ground vehicle tracking               

Miao Yu1, Yali Xue1, Runxiao Ding1, Hyondong Oh1, Wen-Hua Chen1, Jonathon Chambers2, Loughborough University1, Newcastle University2

1.3          Robust Detection of micro-UAS drones with L-band 3-D Holographic Radar

1Mohammed Jahangir, 1Chris Baker, Aveillant Ltd1

1.4          Direction Finding Antenna Arrays with Improved Accuracy and Reduced Complexity and Size  

1Houcem Gazzah, University of Sharjah1

4.1          Experimental Study on Full-Polarization Micro-Doppler of Space Precession Target in Microwave Anechoic Chamber

Jin Liu1, Qihua Wu, Xiaofeng Ai1, Feng Zhao1, Jian'an Chen1, 1National University of Defense Technology

4.2          Fractional Fourier Transform Based Co-Radar Waveform: Experimental Validation

Domenico Gaglione1,  Carmine Clemente1,  Adriano Rosario Persico1,  Christos V. Ilioudis1,  Ian Proudler2, John J Soraghan1, 1University of Strathclyde, 2Loughborough University

4.3          Discriminating Underwater LiDAR Target Signatures using Sparse Multi-spectral Depth Codes

Puneet S Chhabra1, Aurora Maccarone1, Aongus McCarthy1, Andrew M Wallace1, Gerald Buller1,1Heriot-Watt University

4.4          Efficient Range Estimation and Material Quantification from Multispectral Lidar Waveforms

Yoann Altmann1, Aurora Maccarone1, Abderrahim Halimi1, Aongus McCarthy1, Gerald Buller1, Steve McLaughlin1, 1Heriot-Watt University

6.1          GMTI in circular SAR data using STAP

Emiliano Casalini1, Daniel Henke1, Erich H. Meier1, 1University of Zurich

6.2          Digital Elevation Model Aided SAR-based GMTI Processing in Urban Environments

Di Wu1, Mehrdad Yaghoobi1, Mike Davies1, 1University of Edinburgh

6.3          A Multi-Family GLRT for Detection in Polarimetric SAR Images

Luca Pallotta1, Carmine Clemente2, Antonio De Maio1, Danilo Orlando3, 1University of Naples Federico II, 2Strathclyde University, 3Niccolò Cusano University

6.4          A Novel Motion Compensation Approach for SAS

Salvatore Caporale1, Yvan Petillot1, 1Heriot-Watt University


Industrial Presentations

Improving Signal Detection in Radio Direction Finding  Systems, Dr. David Sadler