SSPD 2016 Posters

P01         Spectral Library Clustering Using a Bayesian Information Criterion

Jonathan Piper1, John Duselis2, 1Dstl, 2AFRL


P02         Detection of manoeuvring low SNR objects in receiver arrays

Kimin Kim1, Murat Uney1, Bernard Mulgrew1, 1University of Edinburgh


P03         A Modified Spectral Line Camera for Low Cost Anomaly Detection

Oscar Somsen1, 1Netherlands Defense Agency


P04         Bistatic Micro-Doppler Characteristics of Precessing Targets

Xiaofeng Ai1, Jin Liu, Feng Zhao1, Jianhua Yang1, Jian'an Chen1, 1National University of Defense Technology


P05         High Dynamic Range Spectral Estimation for Incomplete Time Series

Mike Newman1, David Harvey1, 1Thales UK


P06         Tracking small UAVs using a Bernoulli filter

David Cormack1, Daniel Clark2, 1Heriot-Watt University/Selex ES, 2Heriot-Watt University


P07         Robust Unmixing Algorithms for Hyperspectral Imagery

Abderrahim Halimi1, Yoann Altmann1, Gerald Buller1, Steve McLaughlin1, William Oxford2, Damien Clarke2, Jonathan Piper2, 1Heriot-Watt University, 2Dstl


P08         Radar Filters Design in the Presence of Target Doppler Frequency and Interference Covariance Matrix Uncertainties

Augusto Aubry1, Antonio De Maio2, Yongwei Huang3, Marco Piezzo4, 1Universita degli studi di Napoli, 2University of Naples Federico II, 3The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 4Elettronica S.p.A.


P09         Experimental Analysis of Time Deviation on a Passive Localization System

Hugo Seute1, Ali Khenchaf2, Jean-Christophe Cexus2, Jean-François Grandin3, Cyrille Enderli3, 1Thales Airborne Systems/ENSTA Bretagne, 2ENSTA Bretagne, 3Thales Airborne Systems


P10         Beampattern and polarisation synthesis of 3D RF-seeker antenna arrays

Luc Fourtinon1, Alessio Balleri2, Yves Quéré3, Christian Person4, Annaig Martin-Guennou3, Eric Rius, Guillaume Lesueur5, Thomas Merlet5, 1Cranfield University/Telecom-Bretagne, 2Cranfield University, 3Université de Brest, 4Lab-STICC/MOM UMR CNRS, 5Thales Air Systems


P11         Adaptive M-estimation for Robust Cubature Kalman Filtering

Changliang Zhang1, Ruirui Zhi1, Tiancheng Li2, Juan Corchado2, 1Northwestern Polytechnical University, 2University of Salamanca


P12         Fractional Fourier Based Sparse channel estimation for multicarrier underwater acoustic communication system

Yixin Chen1, John J Soraghan1, Carmine Clemente1, Stephan Weiss1, 1University of Strathclyde


P13         Multiple Spherical Arrays Design for Acoustic Source localization

Xi Pan1, Huayang Wang1, Fangzhou Wang1, Chengtian Song1, 1Beiijng Institute of Technology


P14         Likelihood modelling of the Space Geodesy Facility laser ranging sensor for Bayesian filtering

Christy Simpson1, Andrew Hunter1, Sergei Vorgul1, Emmanuel D. Delande1, Jose Franco1, Daniel Clark1, 1Heriot-Watt University


P15         Cramer-Rao Bounds for Distributed System Size Estimation Using Consensus Algorithms

Sai Zhang1, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu1, Jongmin Lee1, Henry Braun1, Andreas Spanias1, 1Arizona State University


P16         Joint Array and Spatial Sparsity Based Optimisation for DoA Estimation

Mingyang Chen1, Mark Barnard1, Wenwu Wang1, 1University of Surrey


P17         Scanning Emitter TMA by Two Fixed Observers using Time of Interception

Zhang Yifei1, Zhang Min1, Fucheng Guo1, 1National University of Defense Technology


P18         Enhanced-Range Intrusion Detection Using Pyroelectric Infrared Sensors

Sami A Aldalahmeh1, Amer Hamdan1, Mounir Ghogho2, Desmond McLernon3, 1Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, 2University of Leeds/International University of Rabat, 3University of Leeds


P19         Knowledge-aided Adaptive Detection with Multipath Exploitation Radar

Harun Hayvaci1, Utku Kumbul1, 1TOBB University of Economics and Technology