SSPD 2022 Presentations

Applications and Implementation

Keynote Speaker: Dealing with Epistemic Uncertainty in Information Fusion Systems, Lance Kaplan, ARL

Automatic Approximation for 1-Dimensional Feedback-Loop Computations: a PID Benchmark, Yun Wu1 , Yun Zhang1 , Anis Hamadouche1 , Joao Mota1 , Andrew M Wallace1 , 1HeriotWatt University. See Video

Efficient Joint Surface Detection and Depth Estimation of Single-photon Lidar Data using assumed Density Filtering, Kristofer Drummond1 , Dan Yao1, Agata Pawlikowska2 , Robert Lamb2 , Steve McLaughlin1, Yoann Altmann1, 1Heriot-Watt University, 2Leonardo. See video

Networking and Communications

OMASGAN: Out-of-distribution Minimum Anomaly Score GAN for Anomaly Detection, Nikolaos Dionelis1 , Sotirios Tsaftaris1 , Mehrdad Yaghoobi1 , 1University of Edinburgh. See Video

Fast Trajectory Forecasting With Automatic Identification System Broadcasts, Yicheng Wang1 , Murat Uney1 , 1University of Liverpool. See Video

Deep Learning for Spectral Filling in Radio Frequency Applications, Michael Girard1 , Matthew Setzler1 , Elizabeth Coda1 , Jeremiah Rounds1, Michael Vann1 , 1Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. 

Machine Learning

Academic Keynote Speaker: Lie Groups Statistics and Machine Learning for Military Sensors based on Symplectic Structures of Information Geometry, Frédéric Barbaresco, Thales. See Video

Invited Speaker: Signal Processing for Military Communications, Jon Spencer, Dstl. See Video

Robust DOA Estimation Based on Deep Neural Networks in Presence of Array Phase Errors, Xuyu Gao2 , Aifei Liu2 , Yutao Xiong2 , 1Harbin Engineering University, 2Northwestern Polytechnical University. See Video

Radar Sonar and Acoustics

Invited Speaker: Points, Particles and Positions: Recent Advances in Distributed Processing of Agile Objects, Simon Godsill, University of Cambridge.See Video

A Polynomial Subspace Projection Approach for the Detection of Weak Voice Activity, Vincent W Neo1 , Stephan Weiss2 , Patrick A Naylor1 , 1 Imperial College London, 2University of Strathclyde. See Video

Optimizing Sonobuoy Placement using Multiobjective Machine Learning, Christopher M Taylor1 , Simon Maskell1 , Jason F. Ralph1 , 1University of Liverpool.See Video

Image Quality SAR Refocus of Moving Targets undergoing Complicated Rolling Maneuvers, David A. Garren1 , 1Naval Postgraduate School. See Video

Learning Low-Rank Models From Compressive Measurements for Efficient Projection Design, Fraser K Coutts1, John Thompson1 , Bernard Mulgrew1 , 1University of Edinburgh. See Video

LoRaWAN Performance Evaluation and Resilience under Jamming Attacks, Vaia Kalokidou1 , Manish Nair1 , Mark Beach1 , 1University of Bristol. See Video

Lightning Poster Presentation